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A. Schulman was founded in 1928 by Alex Schulman in Akron, Ohio. Today, the company has 3,800 employees, 56 sales locations worldwide, and more than a dozen development centers for new and further development of engineering plastics, specialty powders, and color and additive masterbatches.

A. Schulman AcademyThanks to our employees and executives, not only with their wide-ranging expertise, excellent motivation, flexibility and passion for innovation but also their opportunity to involve themselves productively for A. Schulman across borders and regions, we have been successfully established in a very turbulent market environment for many years.

We will continue our growth course in the coming years and further improve our market position, tap into new markets, expand existing ones and move closer to our global customer base. Our five strong business units with their competence areas embrace almost the entire plastics market:

Masterbatch Solutions (White and Black Concentrates, Additives)

The A. Schulman Masterbatch business unit is a leading developer and producer of high-quality masterbatches for thermoplastic resins worldwide. Its Masterbatch Solutions product family concentrates on the black and white concentrates sector as well as other additives.

Custom Performance Colours (Colour Masterbatches)

This division of A. Schulman Masterbatch stands behind the customer-specific development of individual and special color concentrates for a broad range of thermoplastic applications. The division promotes a high-quality technical and service-oriented approach with flexible customer-specific quantities and fast delivery.

Engineering Plastics

Together with its customers, A. Schulman Engineering Plastics develops and produces specific, innovative solutions for applications worldwide, covering a large number of engineering plastics. At the same time, A. Schulman offers excellent technical support and consultancy services to optimize production processes on site.

Specialty Powders

The Specialty Powders division is the global leader in its field. The division comprises three core activities: the widest range of rotational molding powders and colors in Europe, with a very dense distribution network and excellent technical support. The second core activity consists of technical powders, as used, for example, in compounding or carpet and textile coatings. As a third core activity, we offer customer-specific milling services such as jet, cold and warm milling.

Distribution Services

The A. Schulman Distribution Services Team distributes engineering compounds, some exclusive to A. Schulman, and standard polymers in flexible quantities, with reliable delivery times and always in high quality. Thanks to valued partners and the broad product selection, A. Schulman can also offer services which range from storage solutions and training offers all the way to sourcing recommendations.

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